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Popular Christian Movie Shattered Expectations. And Now This Entertainment Executive Has a Powerful Message for Hollywood.


"The amount of violence and other things that Hollywood has turned to in the name of entertainment and the impact that has and on our culture is really astounding..."

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Christian movie house Pure Flix Entertainment has been around for a decade now, but it was the 2014 release of the hit film "God's Not Dead" that profoundly elevated the company's pertinence and popularity.

Building upon the widespread success of the feature film, the company launched a "Faith and Family Streaming" service last summer — a Netflix of sorts for individuals looking for uplifting films and programs.

Greg Gudorf, CEO of Pure Flix Digital, recently told The Church Boys podcast that he believes that the success of "God's Not Dead" as well as the popularity of the $7.99-per-month streaming service should serve as a powerful lesson for Hollywood executives.

"I think the lesson to take away if you're on the Hollywood side of things is look at what people are watching and asking for," Gudorf said. "There's been a resurgence of faith and family oriented programming. People want that."

He continued, "Hollywood should take that lesson of a wholesome positive message and work to bring that to more and more people."

Listen to what Gudorf had to say about Hollywood below:

Gudorf, a technology and marketing executive who has previously worked for Technicolor, Digeo and Sony Electronics, explained how people of all ages were generally able to watch "anything coming out of Hollywood" before the 1960s.

"You could watch whether you were 5 years old or 95 years old," he said, noting that the contents of Tinseltown's products eventually changed. "The amount of violence and other things that Hollywood has turned to in the name of entertainment and the impact that has and on our culture is really astounding — and it can be tracked."

Realizing that there's a major market of people who feel disenchanted with that content, Pure Flix launched its streaming service to help bridge that divide, while bringing family friendly content directly to consumers via iPads, iPhones and other accessories.

"They can ... anytime, anywhere turn to their various devices ... and access good faith and family oriented programming," Gudorf said, adding that "media matters" and that entertainment can profoundly impact people, especially children.

He continued, "If you take a look at the average child growing up, by the time they're 18 they will have spent six times more in media hours than they did in school hours, 32 time more with media than they did with their parents [and] 80 times more than church if they go once a week."

It's Pure Flix's hope that this service will help bring some positive messages back into the mix.

Pure Flix's "Faith and Family Streaming" already has more than 3,000 films, with plans to continue growing its collection as well as possible forays into original content. This comes as the company prepares for the theatrical release of "God's Not Dead 2" on April 1.


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