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College Students Fail Miserably While Trying to Recite National Anthem Lyrics


"I don't know it."

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Students at a Maryland college were asked what they thought about Colin Kaepernick's recent refusal to stand for the national anthem. Many were supportive of the NFL star, but when it came to actually knowing the words to the "Star-Spangled Banner," many were speechless.

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips traveled to the University of Maryland just outside Washington, D.C., where he asked a number of people their opinions on the controversial story.

"I think what he did was heroic. I think it's great. It's sending a message and that's exactly what I feel like this country needs," one said.

Another added that she likes when people "stand up for what they believe in."

And yet another said she doesn't see it as an act of "heroism" but an act of "protest," while adding, I can understand why he resents the flag in the first place."

Students were then given a line of the national anthem and asked to recite the next line, but few actually could.

"Oh say can you you see," Phillips started out.

"By the dawn's early lie," the student finished. The participant was then asked to say the last word again.

"'Lie,' right?" the student asked.

"Light," Phillips corrected.

Others appeared to have no idea what the words to the national anthem are.

One admitted, "I don't know it." Another grunted. Another made noise, but no words actually came out.

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