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Was Donald Trump anointed by God to be the next president of America?


"I predicted his nomination, and I believe he is the chaos candidate set apart to navigate us through the chaos that is coming to America."

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Was Donald Trump anointed by God to be our president at this critical time? That's what at least one Christian writer believes.

Trump, a political outsider who took 2016 by storm, has the support of a solid majority of evangelical Christians, which is typical for a Republican presidential nominee.

There is, however, an obvious chasm in the church and among evangelicals over Trump's candidacy, particularly given his very public moral failings. Many prominent Christian leaders, such as Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell Jr., are unapologetic Trump supporters — so much so that they often say the "Christian choice" in 2016 is voting for Trump. Still, many other prominent Christian leaders disagree. They say that neither major party candidate is an optimal choice for Christians.

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But there are some members of the charismatic Christian right who not only believe Trump is the "Christian choice" but also that the candidate has been specifically anointed by God — at this specific time in American history — to lead America from President Barack Obama's version of America back to prosperity.

One such man is Lance Wallnau, who wrote a lengthly article at earlier this month explaining why he believes Trump is a "prophesied president." To note, as of Oct. 19, the article has received nearly 250,o00 shares.

Wallnau, a catalytic thought leader, begins his argument by bashing Obama's impact on the U.S. economy and saying that Clinton would be more of the same. By contrast, Wallnau writes that Trump is "the opposite" of Obama and Clinton.

"He is in some strange way a mirror that reflects whatever you are," Wallnau wrote.

Wallnau, who along with a host of other religious leaders met with Trump late last year, claims that God specifically spoke to him about the billionaire's candidacy — drawing a comparison to the "heathen king" Cyrus in the book of Isaiah.

I was updating some random social-media activity when I ran across a simple PowerPoint showing Trump seated in the Oval Office with the words "Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States." The image made a peculiar impression on my mind. I was dazed. Literally no one was thinking this would be a possibility, but I was sensing this was more than some random Facebook meme. It was a prophetic picture. It struck me the same way the "wrecking ball" word did.

I heard the Spirit impress upon my mind, "Read Isaiah 45." To be honest, I didn't recall what the chapter was about. I opened a Bible and began to read, "Thus saith the Lord to Cyrus whom I've anointed."

Cyrus? I thought. Who is he in relation to all this? I recalled that he was a heathen king who was indispensable to the protection of the Jews, but I was, frankly, confused as to what God was saying.

With 16 candidates running, many of whom are evangelicals, why would God talk about Cyrus? I quickly looked up the number of the next president. I confirmed that Barack Obama is number 44. The next president will indeed be number 45. I kept reading Isaiah 45.

Wallnau went on to describe who Cyrus was: a foreign-born, non-Jewish man who was anointed by God to help deliver the Israelites from the Babylonian exile.

This is where Wallnau draws the connections to Trump: God used a secular man — Cyrus — to help deliver the Israelites and now God will be doing the same thing with Trump in America. He writes:

Cyrus wasn't a Jew and he wasn't from the line of David, but God elevated this foreigner and called him "My anointed." When Isaiah described Cyrus as the Lord's "anointed," the word in Hebrew denotes a person specifically chosen and set apart for a specific task. It never occurred to me God anoints secular leaders who are not part of the faith community. Then again, how else would you describe Cyrus, Churchill, Lincoln or even Reagan?

God promised to intervene and help Cyrus "break open" and even conquer. The commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem starts with Cyrus' decree recorded in Ezra 1:1-4 to rebuild the house of the Lord. It was this "Cyrus decree" that worked its way through King Darius and King Artaxerxes until Nehemiah commenced his task to rebuild the wall surrounding Jerusalem.

As Wallnau continues to draw parallels between God and his provision of the Old Testament and politics, he argues that God is using "common grace" in this election.

According to Wallnau, that phrase was also spoken to him by God.

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"Common grace," as explained by Wallnau, is grace that comes to anyone in order to "help them affirm the good and resist the bad, personally and institutionally." That's different from "saving grace," which is earned at salvation or when one accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and repents of their sins, he said.

In that regard, Wallnau compares Trump to great historical leaders such as Winston Churchill, Gen. George Patton and Abraham Lincoln.

"None of these instruments of providence rose through the ranks of evangelicals, yet each of them ended up as a defender of Christian values," Wallnau wrote.

"Churchill himself framed the contest with Hitler as a 'battle for Christian civilization' and insisted 'Onward Christian Soldiers' be sung on board the ship where he and Roosevelt forged their alliance against the Axis powers. Lincoln quoted the Bible more than any other president, yet he refused to join any established church," Wallnau added.

Therefore, Wallnau believes Christians should not ask themselves which candidate's values more closely align with those of Christians but rather which candidate is "anointed" by God to serve as president.

Again invoking "common grace," Wallnau says that history shows God raises up unlikely leaders in a great time of need for His purposes. He writes:

From my perspective, there is a Cyrus anointing on Trump. He is, as my friend Kim Clement said three years ago, "God's trumpet." I predicted his nomination, and I believe he is the chaos candidate set apart to navigate us through the chaos that is coming to America. I think America is due for a shaking regardless of who is in office. I believe the 45th president is meant to be an Isaiah 45 Cyrus.

With him in office, we have an authority in the Spirit to build the house of the Lord and restore the crumbling walls that separate us from cultural collapse. Even then, this national project is likely to be done, as Daniel prophesied, "in times of trouble" (Dan. 9:25).

"Trump may be shrewd, but in matters regarding his faith, he possesses the self-conscious candor of a man who knows he falls short but who fundamentally shares the same beliefs," Wallnau went on to write. "The genuineness of this connection was on full display in the acceptance speech he delivered in Cleveland where he thanked evangelicals and in a rare moment of emotional vulnerability spoke off script saying, 'I don't know that I deserve it.' This one moment reveals the true heart of the man."

Wallnau concludes his article by listing the things that Trump may have correctly predicted, such as Brussels being the center of a terrorist attack and Great Britain voting to leave the European Union, otherwise known as "Brexit."

"Trump is more prophetic than most people realize," Wallnau wrote. "Trump is much like Churchill, lifting a warning voice about the unravelling of America at a time when the ruling class, buttressed by the media, want to deny there is anything wrong!"

He concluded, "In all likelihood, Trump is intuiting that which is on the horizon if changes are not made. Like Churchill, the opposition wants to exile him for sounding an alarm in his disturbingly blunt manner. The media assault on Trump is unprecedented."

Despite laying out this evidence, many Christians would likely disagree with Wallnau and his notion that Trump is a "prophesied president."

And if polling is any indication, Trump is definitely not on track to make it as far as the White House. According to the RealClearPolitics national average of polling, Trump currently trails Clinton by 6.4 points. With just 19 days until Election Day, that's a very large margin to overcome.

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