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Tom Hanks' 'SNL' monologue is a 'father-son' talk from 'America's Dad' to the country


"You went to the moon...You invented the internet...You created a cannon that shoots t-shirts!"

Image source: YouTube

Following the anticipated "Saturday Night Live" parody of the final presidential debate, the show's host for the night, Tom Hanks, stepped on stage to deliver the show's opening monologue.

Taking a cue from Esquire Magazine's September story declaring Hanks to be "America's Dad," the Oscar-winning actor sat down for a heart-to-heart talk with the troubled teenager that is America.

Image source: YouTube

Sporting a "Mister Rogers" sweater and speaking in the soft, comforting tones most of us envision coming from a perfect parent, Hanks deftly touched on many of the problems and issues confounding the country.

"How you doing champ? Rough've got a lot going on inside you," is how Hanks opened the piece before touching on the problems of a teenager, which closely resembled the issues America is currently wrestling with.

"Remember when you lived through that depression...this is nothing. You're growing up. This is just an awkward phase," said a reassuring Hanks.

"America's dad" touched on the nation's debt asking, "So, you okay with money? Because I heard you were in some debt." Hanks paused briefly before adding, "I'd like to help you out...But, if I do, you're never gonna learn."

The monologue also mentioned topics like immigration, guns and marijuana, "Hey we can smell it...the weed," chided Hanks.

The "SNL" veteran — this was his 9th time hosting — wrapped up his monologue by reminding America of just how "dang creative" we are, "Think of everything you've done...You went to the moon...You invented the internet...You created a cannon that shoots t-shirts," he said.

Expressing confidence in America's ability to deal with the "big decision" we face in a couple of weeks, Hanks closed with a little parental cheerleading, "I want you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go show the world what else you can stuff into a pizza crust!"

The hashtag #AmericasDad was trending on Twitter last night and support for the monologue was strong.

Watch the monologue below:

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