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Neil Cavuto grills Christine Pelosi on 'faithless elector' plan to reverse election


Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Wednesday went after Christine Pelosi, the daughter of House Minority Leader Nanci Pelosi (D-Calif.), over the motivation behind her demand that Electoral College electors be provided intelligence reports on Russia's alleged interference in the election.

The debate got especially heated as Pelosi accused Cavuto of putting words in her mouth about overturning the election.

Cavuto repeatedly demanded she answer one question, asking at one point, "Let's say you found out that they did act alone, and they were trying to influence the election, not so much as to tip the election in one person's favor or not, the electors are aware of that, are you saying they should just be aware of their influence, or should switch their, that is the Republican ones, their allegiance to Donald Trump because of this?"

Pelosi attempted to avoid the question, saying:

Well I think you have to ask the Republican electors what they're going to do, but, again to be fair, we're trying to get the information declassified for everyone, number one. And lower the classification so that we can actually take a look at it, at a local facility like a military base or an FBI office so we can make an informed decision. I'm not taking them at their word, if I took them at the word of someone who put information in the Washington Post I would have stood up Friday night and said I believed them. I want to make my own independent judgement based on the facts they present.

The debate got very heated as Cavuto makes the pretty obvious conclusion that the point of presenting this classified information to electors is to have some consider switching their votes from Trump to someone else. Pelosi refused to admit that was so and even said that Cavuto was putting her family into danger by making the implication.

Whether she wins her fight to have classified information presented to the electors, if this is an attempt to wrest the election away from Trump, it's a longshot.

Her claims that she needs to see the information to know what she'll do about it, sounds very much like her mother's famous line about Obamacare: "We have to pass it to know what is in it."

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