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Eric Bolling pushes back against latest media narrative: 'Russia didn't elect Trump — America did\

Colleagues of Eric Bolling, both liberal and conservative, come together in solidarity to mourn with him and offer their condolences over the death of his only child. (Image via Facebook/Fox News)

Fox News host Eric Bolling pushed back against the latest anti-Trump media narrative during a fiery monologue on "Cashin' In" Saturday, saying it's just one more excuse by Democrats trying to explain Hillary Clinton's loss.

In the nearly six weeks following last month's election, Clinton, her campaign team and Democrats alike have been searching for excuses why she lost. First it was because of FBI Director James Comey, then it was because of voter fraud, then Democrats tried to abolish the Electoral College, now many allege Trump won an illegitimate election because Russian hackers intentionally manipulated the election.

But according to Bolling, none of those reasons are why Clinton lost, and Russia certainly isn't the reason why Trump won.

"Here's a Bolling opinion news alert. The Russians didn't elect Donald Trump — America did," Bolling said. "C'mon anti-Trumpers, it's over. You lost. Quit whining."

"I'll say it again: No one told Hillary Clinton to coin the term 'deplorables' and Donald Trump had nothing to do with Obamacare premiums skyrocketing the election week," he added. "Those two events took down the worst candidate to ever run for president."

Watch his full monologue below:

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