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Glenn Beck offers to fund charity MMA fight between Deadspin editor and vet Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy punches Roger Gracie during their UFC 162 mixed martial arts middleweight bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, July 6, 2013, in Las Vegas. Kennedy won the fight by an unanimous decision after three rounds. (AP Photo/David Becker)

On Wednesday, TheBlaze told the story of how Deadspin Editor Tim Marchman, after challenging Ted Cruz supporters to a fight, had the challenged accepted by two soldiers. One was wounded warrior J.R. Salzman, and the other was Special Forces sniper, Ranger qualified, MMA fighter Tim Kennedy.

Kennedy's answer to Marchman's call became a popular topic of conversation Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Both TheBlaze's Doc Thompson and Glenn Beck had Kennedy on the show to discuss the story, and in Beck's case, much more.

On the Doc Thompson show, after talking about Marchman's attempting cyberbullying, Kennedy was offered the chance to formally accept Marchman's challenge, which he promptly did.

"Mr. Marchman, my name is Tim Kennedy," he began. "I'm a Special Forces sniper, a Ranger qualified Green Beret, and a UFC fighter for the past — almost 20 years."

"I would like to extend an invitation for you to back up your words," continued Kennedy. "You were rude and hateful yesterday, and you challenged really anyone that supported conservative ideas to a cage fight. I would love — at your convenience — to step up to that challenge."

Kennedy finished by stating "I would love to officially make that happen for you."

Listen below:

Beck also had Kennedy on; however, Beck wanted to sweeten the pot.

"So we're offering a guaranteed $50,000 with TheBlaze cameras will be there or the Glenn Beck Mercury cameras will be there if TheBlaze doesn't want to do it, but I'm sure they will," said Beck. "We'll cover it. It will make it an event, we'll make it pay per view. Every dime will go right to the charity, so who knows how much you could make? So I want everybody to tweet to Deadspin today and Tim Marchman."

"Let him know that his charity could be very, very wealthy if he just wants to complete what he started with his mouth," continued Beck, "if he'd just like to cash the check that his mouth just wrote."

But Kennedy wanted to add to Beck's generosity as well, saying he would actually match Beck's donation to charity, as his gift would be going to a military law enforcement cause.

"I'll match yours, Glenn," Kennedy told Beck. "That's coming from me, Tim Kennedy, as a person supporting this cause as well."

"So wait, wait, wait," interrupted Beck. "I'm offering 50,000. You're offering 50,000 as well?" Beck noted that this fight has a potential to raise $250,000 to go to a charity of the winner's choice. It's likely that Marchman will be writing a check to Planned Parenthood should he win, something that neither Beck nor Kennedy seemed OK with.

Still, Kennedy seems confident that he'll win this fight, should Marchman choose to accept.

"I'm not hard to find unless you're ISIS, then it's a rough night," said Kennedy. 

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