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Poetic justice: Turns out that 'clown' who taunted NYPD cops on camera needed their help soon after

The mouthy guy who taunted and mocked New York City police officers in a convenience store needed their help soon after. (Image source: Twitter video screen cap)

So that mouthy guy who decided to taunt and mock New York City police officers right to their faces in a convenience store?

He got a big plate of poetic justice served to him soon after.

Image source: YouTube screen cap

Wearing a Che Guevara baseball cap, headphones draped around his neck and sporting the barest hint of a mustache, video of the incident showed the fellow — who appears as though the slightest passing breeze would topple him over — actually telling the officers they were drawing paychecks without doing their jobs.

Image source: YouTube screen cap

“You motherf***ers aren’t doing s**t!" he's heard telling the cops at one point. "I get paid to actually produce work … what’s your value? Other than a light-skinned presence in my area?”

Image source: YouTube screen cap

After what appears to be store worker gently contesting the man’s statements, he loudly proclaims the officers are “hanging the f*** out on my dime” and claims the worker complained about them taking up space in the store.

Soon the person shooting the video says the officers called for back up, which the taunting fellow describes as “white s**t” several times.

Throughout the embarrassing stunt, the officers stand their ground but do not challenge or engage the guy — who incidentally proclaims he's “an overly competent citizen who pays his taxes, who went to an Ivy League school, so who the f*** are they gonna say?”

Here's the video. (Content warning: Strong language):

NYPD Lt. John Grumpel on Monday shared with TheBlaze a sobering message for the “clown” if he ever were the victim of a crime: “We’d be the first to respond.”

Turns out Grumpel's words were right on the money.

A second video emerged from the scene inside the convenience store, where another man approaches and starts yelling and cursing at the guy who was taunting police — and that shut him up fast. The formerly mouthy fellow took a few steps back, put his hand up and backed right down.

And who do you suppose was right there to make sure the situation didn't escalate?

That's right. The same cops who stood there in the store taking that guy's taunts earlier stepped in and made sure the angry guy didn't get any closer to him.

Here's the second video. (Content warning: Strong language):

Now, what was all that about police drawing paychecks just standing around doing nothing?

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