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Joy Behar & 'The View' liberals have meltdown over Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent & Kid Rock visiting WH

"The View" co-host Joy Behar laments over Sarah Palin's recent visit to White House. (Image source: The View)

Former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin (R) visited the White House with fellow conservatives Ted Nugent and Kid Rock earlier this week. But for the liberal women on "The View," it was simply too much.

Liberal co-host Joy Behar ripped the trio for taking a group photo in front of the White House's official portrait of Hillary Clinton.

"So, is this the saddest day in the history of the White House since the British burned it to the ground in 1814?" she asked her fellow co-hosts.

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed. She said:

I think what was so offensive to me was Sarah Palin said brought them because Jesus wasn’t available, sort of comparing these folks with Jesus. But the other thing that’s interesting is President Obama had Common, the rapper and poet, come in to celebrate poetry at the White House. Sarah Palin tweeted, ‘the judgment is just so lacking class and decency and all that’s good about America with an invite like this.’ Really? Because Ted Nugent called our former president a subhuman mongrel.

Another co-host chimed in to say that the trio was classless.

"You're in the White House, bring a little class when you come," said Sara Haines.

"Oh, but they’re going to make America great again, these three," Behar quipped.

Watch the segment below:

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