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Cops arrest man for blocking Lincoln Tunnel traffic while he masturbated in his van

Image source: TheBlaze

Port Authority police on Thursday arrested Ismael Esquilin of Passaic, NJ when he allegedly stopped his minivan in the middle of a New Jersey-bound lane in Lincoln Tunnel traffic to masturbate, according to authorities.

Law enforcement busted Esquilin after they discovered his minivan idling in the middle of a lane, where he reportedly admitted that he was high on the drug PCP. He was found taking off his clothes while "performing a lewd act" on himself, according to Port Authority spokesman Joe Pentangelo.

Police also said that they discovered a glass pipe and several bottles containing PCP in the vehicle.

Authorities stated that Esquilin refused to vacate his vehicle, and as a result, they had to force him out. They covered Esquilin with a blanket and transported him to Hoboken Hospital for observation.

Port Authority police charged Esquilin with drug possession, reckless driving and impeding traffic as well as driving under the influence of drugs.

South Passaic's Daily Voice reported that Esquilin is due in court Tuesday to "answer a host of charges, including lewdness, drug possession, refusing to provide a breath or urine sample, DWI, reckless driving and impeding traffic."

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