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Rush Limbaugh: Mark Zuckerberg sounds like a 'girl' editor at a liberal magazine
Rush Limbaugh mocked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for sounding like a "girl" and a "female editor at a liberal magazine" during his commencement address at Harvard. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Rush Limbaugh: Mark Zuckerberg sounds like a 'girl' editor at a liberal magazine

Rush Limbaugh roundly mocked Mark Zuckerberg on his radio show Friday because of what he saw as a left-wing commemoration speech the Facebook founder gave.

"Mark Zuckerberg," Rush explained, "the founder of Facebook — you know, he dropped out of Harvard. He was at Harvard. He dropped out of there because Facebook took off. So he went out to California and did what he did to build Facebook up. So he went back, went back to Cambridge, Massachusetts, yesterday to do the commencement address. Are you ready for this? The 366th commencement."

"Zuckerberg thinks that everybody ought to have an identical income," he continued, "that we need to have a — what does he call it — a universal basic income. We’ll talk about how to pay for it later. But we need as many people as possible running around not worrying about how to pay the bills. That’s when you get real creativity. That’s in the second bite. Here is the first. Mark Zuckerberg, commencement, Harvard yesterday."

"There is something wrong with our system," Zuckerberg said in the recorded sound byte, "when I can leave here and make billions of dollars and..."

"Wait, wait, stop the tape," Limbaugh interrupted. "Mark Zuckerberg, don’t give me some woman here. It’s Mark Zuckerberg. You’re not playing the right bite. That was a woman, right? Oh, really? Oh, jeez. Oh, it’s too long. There’s too much time gone by to bleep that, aw, jeez."

"Well, that’s what happens when you have artificial hearing," he said. "Honest to God, it sounded like a female editor at some liberal magazine. Okay. Friday, cue the thing back up. Gee, I thought it was a girl. Ah, it’s embarrassing."

Limbaugh has just recently been under fire for his comments praising the "studly and manly" Greg Gianforte for assaulting a reporter before the Montana special election for the open U.S. House seat. Gianforte later apologized to the reporter and to his supporters for the incident after winning the election.

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Carlos Garcia

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