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Report: Joe Biden explodes at controversial hedge fund manager over comment on son Beau's death

Image source: TheBlaze

Fox Business reported on Saturday that former Vice President Joe Biden faced off with hedge fund manager Bill Ackman over comments he made about Biden's late son, Beau, who passed away in 2015 after a battle with brain cancer.

The report alleged that the incident occurred during a private dinner event in May, when Biden claimed that his heart wasn't into a 2016 presidential run because of unresolved feelings over the death of his son.

"I'm sorry," Biden allegedly told those in attendance at the VIP dinner, after being overcome with emotion over Beau's death. "I've said enough."

Ackman, in response, purportedly snapped back, "Why? That’s never stopped you before."

One unnamed source claimed that Biden that night was in "rare form."

“Biden was in rare form,” the insider said of the incident. “I can’t believe it has never leaked out.”

After Ackman made the alleged comments, Biden was said to have turned around to a dinner attendee nearby and asked, "Who is this a**hole?"

Taking it further, Biden allegedly addressed Ackman directly.

"Look, I don't know who you are, wisea**, but never disrespect the memory of my dead son!" Biden was overheard saying to Ackman in response to his comments. Insiders claimed that Ackman attempted an apology, but Biden wasn't having it.

He purportedly responded, "Just shut the hell up."

A spokesman for Ackman acknowledged the claims, and in a statement to Fox Business denied "the idea that there was an argument or altercation between Joe Biden and Bill Ackman."

The spokesman added, “Bill had a great time at the dinner and enjoyed spending time with the former vice president.”

Fox did note, however, that the spokesman did not deny that Biden had spoken to Ackman in the manner that he was alleged to have done.

Update: In a follow-up piece by New York Magazine, Robert Wolf, a Democratic party financier and friend of Biden's said, “Bill’s Ackman’s comment was not directed at the vice president’s son. The discussion was about Trump.”

About the purported incident, Ackman said, "I have enormous respect for Vice President Biden. It is unfortunate that a totally false press report would suggest otherwise.”

See the following statement from SkyBridge Capital about the allegations:

The SALT Conference and SkyBridge Capital legal and public relations team have made a determination to issue a statement given the overwhelming misrepresentation of facts and false account that was reported by Charlie Gasparino on Friday, June 23rd regarding an alleged incident between Vice President Joe Biden and Bill Ackman.

For over nine years, the SALT Salon dinner have operated under Chatham House Rules, with participants abiding by these principles as they are clearly defined at the beginning of the meal. Again, given the recent breach of confidentially – and, perhaps more importantly, the misrepresentation of facts and false narrative that was inaccurately reported by Charlie Gasparino – the SALT Conference and SkyBridge Capital legal and public relations team have made a determination to issue this statement.

Several senior employees of SkyBridge Capital and SALT Conference speakers – including leading business professionals, television personalities and investors – who were present at the dinner can verify that Mr. Gasparino’s account is extremely inaccurate. As such, for the first time in nine years, we feel it necessary to provide comment on the Salon Dinner.

While Vice President Biden was providing his commentary on Syria and the red line, the conversation suddenly shifted to the 2017 election and current administration, with Vice President Biden being asked to comment. The context of the conversation was the current political environment and administration; not, the untimely death of Beau Biden. In fact, that subject did not come up until later in the evening.

Again, given Mr. Gasparino’s inaccurate account and breach of confidentiality, we have felt it necessary to issue this statement. Note – we will have no further comment on this matter.

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