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Anti-Trump demonstrator whacks Trump supporter in head with sign — and pays for it, bigly

A long, white-haired demonstrator against Republican President Donald Trump argued with — and eventually wacked with his sign — a Trump supporter during a Hollywood protest. It was a mistake. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

During a recent protest against Republican President Donald Trump in Hollywood, a long, white-haired anti-Trump demonstrator was caught on video getting into it with a Trump supporter who was donning the familiar "Make America Great Again" cap.

The Trump supporter was facing down the anti-Trumper and a couple of others near a Hollywood/Highland Metro stop, putting his finger on his chin and daring somebody to take a swing at him.

Things heated up when the long, white-haired anti-Trump demonstrator and the Trump supporter jawed back and forth until the Trump supporter uttered the magic words: "F*** you!"

Well, that set off the anti-Trumper, who whacked his adversary over the head with his protest sign.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

As you might imagine, that didn't sit too well with the Trump backer — and he started swinging at the anti-Trumper, his long white mane flying around in retreat.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But before shouting bystanders could completely intervene, the dude with the red "Make America Great Again" cap caught the anti-Trumper square on the chin with a right-handed punch, knocking his foe to the street.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A large crowd quickly gathered around the pair and further fisticuffs were avoided.

The dust-up appeared related to protests reported in Hollywood on Saturday in which two people were arrested.

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Spoken and written profanity):

(H/T: IJR)

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