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Armed bank robber makes clerk hand over cash — but customer decides crook shouldn't get away with it

Robert Sakosky, a general manager of the Carbondale Grand Hotel, decided he wasn't going to let a masked man get away with cash from a northeastern Pennsylvania bank on Friday. (Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot)

After Robert Sakosky walked into Honesdale National Bank just before noon Friday, a masked man joined him inside the Pennsylvania institution and began waving a gun around, WNEP-TV reported.

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

Scott Township Police told WNEP that masked man — 38-year-old John Ryall, who's homeless — a got a clerk to put money in a bag. And that's when Sakosky sprang into action.

Surveillance video shows Sakosky tackle Ryall, and police told the station the pair struggled on the floor off camera.

But then they soon re-emerged on the video, which shows Sakosky grabbing Ryall from behind.

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

And once Sakosky gets a good grip on Ryall —

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

— he body slams him to the floor.

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

Sakosky then took Ryall's gun from him and tossed the bag of money across the lobby, WNEP said.

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

The courageous customer even managed to pull off Ryall's ski mask, the station said, after which Sakosky let him go.

Ryall apparently wanted nothing more to do with his plucky opponent and headed straight out the door and ran off, WNEP reported.

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

But Sakosky followed him outside and directed police toward him, the station said, adding that officers charged Ryall after Sakosky and bank employees identified him as the robber.

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

Ryall allegedly gouged Sakosky in the eye, police told the Times-Tribune. Sakosky also suffered injuries to his head and leg during the struggle, police added to the paper.

As you might expect, folks in the town — which is about three hours north of Philadelphia — had good things to say about Sakosky.

“He is exceptionally brave to have done that,” Donna Shaw told WNEP.

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

Nick Olmstead told the station that "it's good to see a Samaritan take down someone that's doing a robbery over there."

Sakosky is general manager of nearby Carbondale Grand Hotel, and his employees told WNEP they couldn't be prouder of their boss — who most without a doubt showed a side of himself they haven't seen.

“He's definitely a hero, but he's just a normal guy," hotel employee Wade Nordahl told the station. "I mean, he's personable, he's a good boss, he never gets angry. I'm honestly surprised he did it."

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

Ryall faces charges that include robbery and making terroristic threats, WNEP reported.

“I needed the money for my kid, that’s why I robbed the bank,” Ryall said as officers handcuffed him, the Times-Tribune reported, citing township police. “I need the money, I can’t do anything.”

Image source: WNEP-TV video screenshot

He was sent to jail and is due in court next week, the station said.

(H/T: Blue Lives Matter)

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