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Peyton Manning accuser graphically details football player's alleged physical contact

Image source: TheBlaze

Dr. Jamie Naughright, a former director of health and wellness at the University of Tennessee while future NFL superstar Peyton Manning was playing quarterback, detailed sexual misconduct allegations with CBS' "Inside Edition" on Monday night, discussing the 1996 incident in which she'd previously alleged Manning had exposed himself to her.

What's her side of the story?

Of the alleged incident, Naughright told "Inside Edition's" Deborah Norville, "I felt something on my face and Peyton had pulled his shorts down and sat his anus and his testicles on my face."

"So I pushed him up and out," she explained. "He turned around, pulled his shorts back up."

Naughright revealed that she was "repulsed," "scared," and "intimidated" by Manning's reported actions, and called him a "predator."

"It was anger, it was violence," she said of his facial expression at the time of the incident. "It was definitely a predator, intimidating, anger, violent eyes that he had."

According to CBS, Naughright decided to come forward — again — in response to women who have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

What's the history here?

After the 1996 incident, Naughright said she phoned her supervisor.

"My boss, when I called him that night, really realized that this was a serious situation," she said. "This was a sexual assault and he informed me not to call the police or press."

Naughright eventually ended up filing an employment discrimination suit against the University of Tennessee and settled for a sum of $300,000.

She resigned from her position at the school in 1998.

In 2002, Naughright filed a defamation suit against Manning, asserting that both he and his father degraded her character in a book.

During her deposition in the 2003 case, Naughright alleged that Manning made physical contact with her.

What's Manning's side of the story?

Though Manning admitted that he mooned a teammate while Naughright was present, he has maintained his position that he never touched Naughright. Manning was a 19-year-old all-American quarterback at that time.

In his 2003 deposition, Manning said, "I briefly pulled down my pants to so-called 'moon' him. One second, one-and-a-half seconds. Pulled my pants back up and continued with Jamie's examination of the bottom of my foot."

An attorney for Manning told CBS, "When her claims were first investigated 21 years ago, she told a very different story. Her current account was invented several years later in connection with her first of several groundless litigations against Peyton. Most recently, she left Peyton's mother a vulgar and extremely disturbing voicemail. Ms. Naughright should stop this abusive behavior."

Naughright, responding to Manning's allegations that she phoned his mother, said, "I'm on Ambien, and I had slept wrong, and somehow found that number and anger and Ambien is not a good combination."

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