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NBC's Lester Holt reports from North Korea, says the dictatorial regime treated him 'with respect

NBC's Lester Holt reported that he and his news crew were treated "with respect" by the murderously evil totalitarian regime in North Korea. (Image Source: Twitter video screenshot)

"NBC Nightly News" anchor Lester Holt reported from North Korea that the dictatorial regime of Kim Jong Un currently holding millions of South Koreans under threat of nuclear holocaust treated him and his crew "with respect."

Here's video of Lester Holt from North Korea:

North Korea, where citizens were found to be infected with gastrointestinal worms from fields fertilized with human feces, greeted the NBC crew cheerfully as the news team traveled from their cloistered lives in the United States to their carefully crafted visit to the Hermit Kingdom.

"This is the bunny slope at a very modern ski resort here in North Korea," Holt said, marveling at the modern advances of a country where many people are so deprived of nutrition they have cognitive and developmental deficiencies.

"We're here because some of the athletes from the South and North, based on this new alliance, will be doing some of their training here," Holt added, neglecting to mention that the Kim regime is trying to mount anthrax on intercontinental missiles, a move that would threaten the lives of millions of people.

"It's been announced the North Koreans will field 22 athletes in the upcoming Winter games in South Korea. That's fueling some sense of hope and optimism of cooperation in other ways between the two countries," he added, without noting the hopelessness and angst of the parents of Otto Warmbeir, who was returned by North Korea to the U.S. in a vegetative state and died from injuries of an indeterminate nature.

"We arrived in North Korea on Saturday, we flew the North Korean state airline, it's about an hour and a half flight from Beijing, they even make an announcement in flight when you actually cross the border into North Korea," Holt noted, ignoring the plight of North Koreans that were starved so brutally under Communist control that they were forced to slaughter their own children to survive.

"We quickly passed through immigration, uh, went through a very lengthy and very detailed customs inspection of not only our equipment but our personal items down to the novels we were reading, even in one case, a toothbrush of our crew members," Holt added, as he explained his crew's entry into a nation of totalitarian oppression.

"But we have been treated," Holt paused, "uh, with respect here."

Holt seemed upbeat and hopeful about his visit to the Hermit Kingdom, despite a State Department warning that any American citizens traveling to North Korea should expect to be kidnapped and most likely murdered by the terrorism-sponsor state.

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