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US senator wishes father of abuse victims could have punched Larry Nassar

Courtroom officers had to restrain Randy Margraves (left) when he attempted to attack former U.S. Olympics doctor Larry Nassar (right) during a sentencing hearing in a Michigan courtroom. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A sitting U.S. senator declared this week that she wished the father of multiple sex abuse victims had been able to punch their attacker during court proceedings, the Associated Press reported.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) told reporters Wednesday she was disappointed that security officers prevented Randy Margraves from attacking disgraced former U.S. Olympics doctor Larry Nassar in a Michigan courtroom.

What's the back story?

During a sentencing hearing for Nassar on Feb. 2, Margraves — whose three daughters were reportedly sexually assaulted by Nassar — asked Judge Janice Cunningham to give him five minutes alone in a room with his daughters' attacker. When the judge refused, Margraves charged at Nassar, but deputies tackled and restrained him.

“I want that son of a b***h!” Margraves yelled. “Give me one minute with that bastard!”

“What if this was happening to you guys?” Margraves asked the officers as they removed him from the courtroom.

After admonishing Margraves for his behavior, Cunningham stated she would not hold him in contempt.

“There is no way that this court is going to issue any type of punishment given the circumstances of this case,” Cunningham told the father.

What did Sen. Stabenow say?

The senator made her remarks during a news conference to introduce a Senate resolution aimed forming a Senate committee to investigate the U.S. Olympic body's handling of the Nassar scandal, CNN said.

"As a mom and as a grandmother who now has a young granddaughter in sports, I thought, 'You know, I would've liked five minutes with this guy,'" Stabenow, a co-sponsor of the resolution, told reporters.

She added that she was disappointed Margraves was unable to hit Nassar.

"I only wished that the security had been a little slower in constraining him until he could've gotten a couple of punches out," the senator said, "because of all of us understand how disruptive and how outrageous this perversion and this man's actions have been."

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