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Trump Tower fire kills one person — but that doesn't stop liberals from mocking and praising it

One person died in a fire at Trump Tower on Saturday, but that didn't stop liberal from celebrating the incident. (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)

A fire on the upper floors of Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in Manhattan tragically claimed the life of one resident on Saturday, while injuring a number of firefighters who were battling the blaze.

But that didn't stop anti-Trump liberals from mocking and praising the fire, some joking it was caused by the Trumps burning evidence of Russian collusion.

What did people say?

Famed musician David Crosby led the pack of disgusting comments:

Jeffrey Guterman, who claims to be a "mental health counselor, also praised the fire:

Both Crosby and Guterman later deleted their deletes, but alas, the internet is forever.

Others didn't delete their tweets:

Details about the fire

The New York Fire Department responded to the four-alarm fire Saturday evening, which was burning on the building's 50th floor. Inside an apartment, firefighters found a man who was badly injured. They transported the man to a local hospital, where he later passed away from his injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. President Donald Trump and his family were not present during the incident.

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