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After van attack, Toronto mayor emphasizes how 'inclusive' and 'accepting' his city is

After a van attack in his city, Toronto Mayor John Tory is quick to remind the media how "inclusive" Toronto is. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Just hours after a man plowed over a crowd of people in a suspected terror attack, Toronto Mayor John Tory was concerned with reminding the media of how “inclusive” and "accepting" his city is.

That attack left 10 dead and at least 15 others injured.

What did the mayor say?

"This is a time when this community should come together,” Tory said during a news conference. "I hope that we will, as a city, remind ourselves of the fact that we are admired around the world for being inclusive and for being accepting and understanding and considerate."

Any additional details?

Police managed to arrest the driver of the van. He was known to Canadian law enforcement, according to CNN. Officials said the attack was "deliberate."

Authorities have yet to confirm the attack was related to terrorism, but Islamic extremists have carried out similar attacks in multiple major European cities in recent years. It is not yet known if the Toronto van killer is connected to any extremist groups.

However, Ralph Goodale, Canada's minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, said there "would appear to be no national security connection" to the attack, according to CNN.

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