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Another Fox News pundit has been targeted for public harassment - here's how

Fox News personality Kat Timpf details how she was publicly harassed by a woman who was angry at the cable news network. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Fox News personality Kat Timpf revealed that she was felt so threatened by a woman angry at her for working at the cable news outlet that she left a restaurant to prevent an altercation from ensuing.

"This girl started going nuts on me"

Timpf recounted the incident to the National Review, where she is also a contributor.

She said she was socializing at a bar in New York City when she found herself separated from her friends and speaking to a woman who asked her where she worked. Timpf told her that she worked at Fox News, and the conversation concluded amicably.

But later, another women accosted Timpf when she found out she worked at Fox News.

"This girl started going nuts on me, screaming at me to get out of the bar. I found her very threatening,” Timpf said.

She indicated that she tried to move to another part of the bar, but the woman followed her and continued screaming at her.

Timpf said that the woman appeared intoxicated, and was surrounded by friends who laughed at her harassment. She said she was afraid the incident would escalate, so she left the bar.

"It was super uncomfortable and I didn’t want things to get physical,” Timpf said.

Timpf also recalled the incident to Neil Cavuto on his show Monday. She said that she didn't think the woman knew anything about Timpf, or her specific political views, but that it was enough that she worked at Fox News to justify the harassment.

Here's the segment with Kat Timpf on Fox News:

This is not the first time Timpf had been targeted by angry critics of Fox News - in another incident she recounted in July 2017, a man threw a glass of water on her when he recognized who she was.

Timpf also was the target of threatening messages from a man online who grew angry after she rejected his romantic advances in April 2016.

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