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A group of LGBTQ migrants from the Honduran caravan has arrived at the U.S. border

A small group of LGBTQ migrants broke off from the main caravan and arrived in Tijuana at the border ahead of the other groups. (ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP/Getty Images)

According to reporters at the U.S. border, a group of LGBTQ persons from the migrant caravans has arrived in Tijuana, and moved on from the border town to the beach.

The exodus from Central American countries began with one caravan and about a thousand people, but it has swelled to four caravans with as many as 7,000 or more, depending on different reports.

Migrants were given an opportunity by the Mexican government to obtain asylum there, including work permits, health care, and other aid, but they rejected the offer when it was made clear they would have to settle in southern Mexico. Instead, they have pressed on toward the U.S. border.

Some of the migrants are LGBTQ persons who are seeking asylum based on bigotry and violence against them over their their gender and sexual orientation.

They organized within the greater group, raised their own money, and secured buses for the rest of the trip. They also stayed at an AirBNB rental in an upscale part of Tijuana Sunday.

The LGBTQ group of migrants says they have faced bigotry and hostility from Mexicans as they moved through their country towards the United States.

The largest group of migrants is about 1,500 miles away from Tijuana and is still moving on foot. It is expected to take days or even weeks to arrive at the border.

Meanwhile, security has been reinforced at the border entry at Tijuana in order to prepare for the arrival of the migrants. They have shown a willingness to use violence in order to continue their trek. One man was killed in clashes with law enforcement in Mexico already.

Various pictures of the migrant arrival at the border were posted on social media.

President Donald Trump made the caravans a focus for the midterm elections as he blamed Democrats' reticence to update the immigration laws for the caravans.

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