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Alyssa Milano wants you to join her in summoning the universe in a collective meditative chant to remove President Trump


Say it with me: 'Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.'

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Forget impeachment, actress and liberal activist Alyssa Milano has a new strategy to remove President Donald Trump from office: a daily collective meditative chant.

Milano, 47, tweeted out the idea Saturday night, soliciting her fans help in "manifesting a change-of-guard in Washington."

"We're stronger together," she argued.

For those interested, Milano then posted a second tweet Sunday explaining the strategy in more detail.

According to her instructions, upon waking, one should lay in "Shavasana," also known as the Corpse Pose in yoga (flat on your back) with a timer set for seven minutes. While laying, they should repeat the mantra: "Believe in believing. The impossible is possible."

Then they are to exclaim out loud, "we'd like to create a changing of the guard."

It's very important that meditators "be thinking of the special world [they] want to create" while performing the ritual.

Jokes followed and Milano wasn't happy about it

It wasn't long after the tweets surfaced that Twitchy picked up on it and understandably poked some fun at the idea. The Daily Wire followed with a story of its own about the idea, calling it "hilarious." This caught Milano's attention.

She tweeted out an image of The Daily Wire story saying, "conservative right wing media bashing meditative collective prayer is what's hilarious."

She then appeared to draw a comparison with her meditative strategy and the prayers of Christians, snidely offering: "Thoughts and prayers, fake Christians. Thoughts and prayers."

Just last week, Milano had headlined an anti-Trump rally in Los Angeles ahead of the House's vote on the two articles of impeachment introduced against Trump.

"Hello, snowflakes!" Milano shouted to the audience at the rally, "Listen to me very carefully — I am angry! If [Trump] thought Greta [Thunberg] was angry, he's seen nothing yet!"

"I'm premenopausal and I'm angry!" she bellowed.

As she closed out her speech at the rally, Milano led the crowd in yet another Trump-targeted mantra that she deemed similar to a prayer, The Daily Wire reported.

"I want to end with a special chant but I want us to think of it like a prayer, okay?" she said. "I need you all to reach deep, reach deep into your heart and reach deep into your soul; I want you to look at the person next to you and hold their hands. Everybody hold hands. Allow yourself to be moved by what is happening tonight. Repeat after me. I! Believe! That ! We! Will! Win!"

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