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Amid ongoing border crisis, CBP reports Border Patrol's recent apprehension of MS-13 gang members and others

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As the nation faces an influx of migrants along its southern border, Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents recently arrested several unsavory individuals who were present in the country illegally, including two MS-13 gang members

Agents apprehended a Honduran man on Saturday and record checks showed that the individual had previously been convicted following an arrest in South Carolina for felony driving under the influence resulting in death.

"On Saturday, McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) agents arrested a male Honduran national near Hidalgo, Texas. Record Checks revealed the subject was arrested by Cayce Police Department in South Carolina for felony driving under the influence resulting in death. The man was convicted and sentenced to 15 years' confinement," according to CBP.

Authorities on Sunday apprehended a group of 18 people and found out amid processing that one of the people had previously been arrested in Florida, charged, and convicted.

"Sunday, MCS agents apprehended a group of eighteen migrants. During processing, agents discovered that one subject, a Nicaraguan national, had been previously arrested by the Hialeah Police Department (HPD) in south Florida in 2002. HPD charged the subject with sexual assault against a child and false imprisonment. The subject was convicted and sentenced to two years' confinement and five years' probation," CBP noted.

Just hours later, Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station agents learned while processing a Salvadoran individual that the person is an MS-13 gang member. And a bit later MCS agents apprehended a large group comprised of 89 people — and then amid processing, authorities identified a person as a member of the notorious MS-13 gang.

The July 6 CBP release, which also noted the Friday arrest of a Mexican man with a criminal record and multiple deportations, is just one in a long line of agency releases that serve to highlight the public safety implications of U.S. border security.

For instance, a July 1 press release noted the arrests of two individuals described as registered sex offenders who had unlawfully entered the country. It also noted the arrest of a man who had been traveling in a group of migrants who had a prior charge of 4th degree sexual assault in Arkansas in February 2019 and was later been deported in July 2019.

And a June 24 press release highlighted the apprehension of a group that included an MS-13 gang member with a history of multiple removals from the U.S.

The June 24 release also noted the arrest of a convicted sex offender, explaining that U.S. authorities "working in Rio Grande City, Texas, arrested 12 adult subjects after they illegally entered the United States. At the station, criminal records checks identified Benito Gomez-Lopez, a 33 year old Mexican male, as a convicted sex offender. Gomez-Lopez was arrested by the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department in North Dakota, in 2020 for possession of certain prohibited materials and promoting a sexual performance by a minor. Later that year, he pleaded guilty to both counts and was sentenced to three years confinement. The criminal migrant was repatriated to his country in July 2020."

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