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Baskin Robbins employee fends off armed robber, can be seen disarming suspect in dramatic video footage


This guy got more than he bargained for

(Image source: KFSN-TV video screenshot)

An employee at a Seattle, Washington, Baskin Robbins fought off a robbery suspect armed with a knife.

What are the details?

Two employees were behind the counter when the suspect — wearing a hat and sunglasses — reached across the counter in an intimidating way.

One of the employees, an as-yet-unidentified male, was able to fight off the suspect with just fists and hands. The employee was also able to obtain control of the knife, which the suspect had dropped in the scuffle.

The other employee, who was only named as "Leslie," told KRON-TV about her experience.

"He grabs me by the apron and then holds his knife to my stomach and he says, 'Open the register, give me all the money in it.'"

She continued, saying, "I looked down and I'm like 'Whoa,' 'cause it's just, like, a huge knife at my stomach and I'm just like, 'Oh, my God, we're being robbed.'"

Leslie revealed that her coworker reached across and grabbed the knife from the suspect and attempted to dissuade him from the robbery.

"My coworker grabs [the suspect's] knife and kind of, like, throws it at him, but then [the suspect] turns around like he's gonna leave, but then [the suspect] comes back and tries to jump over the counter."

As the male employee and the suspect fought, Leslie phoned 911.

The suspect was only able to abscond with approximately $6 before fleeing the scene.

Local police are still seeking the unidentified male suspect in the surveillance video.

Ret. Detective Myrle Carner said that a cash reward of $1,000 has been made available for tips to help catch the suspect.

"He's very intent on getting that money," Carner said. "He doesn't care if the clerk has the knife or not. Not the brightest robbery guy, but he is dangerous."

Authorities believe that the suspect also hit another Baskin Robbins store in the area in October, and a Subway franchise just before that.

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