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Bernie Sanders releases letters from doctors claiming he is fit for office despite recent heart attack


The 78-year-old was hospitalized three months ago

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The campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) released letters from three doctors on Monday, all claiming that the 78-year-old is fit enough to serve as commander in chief despite his heart attack and hospitalization three months ago.

What are the details?

Bernie 2020 touted statements from Sanders' primary physician and two cardiologists purportedly "showing he is fit and ready to serve as president of the United States."

In October, the Sanders campaign received criticism for waiting three days to reveal that the senator had had a heart attack on the campaign trail.

Dr. Philip Ades, director of Cardiac Rehabilitation at the University of Vermont, wrote that despite the medical episode from a few months back, "Mr. Sanders is more than fit enough to pursue vigorous activities and an occupation that requires stamina and an ability to handle a great deal of stress.'

Ades also noted that Sanders "was able to exercise to a level that is approximately 50 percent higher than other men his age with a similar diagnosis."

Sanders' primary physician, Dr. Brian Monahan — who is the attending physician of the United States Congress — wrote in a separate letter, "You are in good health currently and you have been engaging vigorously in the rigors of your campaign, travel, and other scheduled activities without any limitation."

The senator's personal cardiologist, Dr. Martin LeWinter, also weighed in, writing of Sanders, "At this point, I see no reason he cannot continue campaigning without limitation and, should he be elected, I am confident he has the mental and physical stamina to fully undertake the rigors of the Presidency."

According to ABC News, in addition to his heart condition, Sen. Sanders "has also been treated for several other medical conditions, including gout, high cholesterol, diverticulitis, an inflation of the intestines, hypothyroidism, and underactive thyroid gland, laryngitis, lumbar strain and complete removal of superficial skin lesion."

The democratic socialist is the oldest candidate in the 2020 presidential race, and has yet to release his full medical records as he previously pledged.

Anything else?

The Washington Post reported that if Sanders were elected president, he would be the oldest to ever take office. President Donald Trump, 73, currently holds the record for being the oldest president to take office.

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