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Casey Anthony could profit from film she’s making about daughter Caylee’s death — and she says it will include ‘erotic’ footage


If this doesn't make your stomach turn...

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Casey Anthony is set to release a feature-length film about her life after the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Anthony was accused of murdering the toddler in 2008 in an attempt to get out of parenting.

Despite a lengthy trial and an alleged cover-up, she was acquitted in 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

What are the details of this film?

Anthony told the Daily Mail that the film will be called "As I Was Told" and will chronicle life post-Caylee.

Anthony, who received much flak after partying heavily following her daughter's death, explained that those moments will be featured in the film, as will moments from her murder trial.

The 33-year-old who lives West Palm Beach, Florida, also promised that the film would feature "erotic" content and sex scenes and could premiere in 2020.

"Yes, I drank and carried on like nothing happened," she said of the days following her daughter's death. "The movie is called 'As I Was Told' because I'd done what I was told to do. I had to put on a fake persona throughout those 31 days [that Caylee's body was missing]."

Anthony also revealed that the man who discovered the remains of her child's body in a trash bag in a wooded area of Florida advised Anthony to carry on as if everything was normal and deny knowledge of her daughter's death. The man also reportedly told Anthony that he would "take care of it."

"I should have taken rein and done what I felt I should have done no matter who it hurt," she said. "My life was in others' hands from the beginning to the end."

Anthony said that she doesn't want to make money from the movie.

"I just feel my truth needs to be out of me," she told the outlet. "I need to close the book."

Was she involved in the child's death?

During her discussion with the outlet, Anthony insisted that she had no part in the child's death "as far as how she died."

"Hopefully, one day people will find it in their hearts to believe that I could never do this," she said, promising the low-budget film will "show the tears and the turmoil" that she insists she endured, as well as "the anxiety and hardship" after she was released.

"Regardless of what the media has depicted of me, I am not a monster," she said. "I just don't show my sadness. A thing that was taught to me as a young girl."

Anthony insisted that she suffers "on the inside," and has learned how to slap on a smile to cover her heartache.

"Through it all, I never once thought of suicide," she added. "I am stronger than that ... that is a coward's way out, and it is a sign of guilt to me."

You can read more on the background of the Caylee Anthony story here.

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