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Elderly homeowner in wheelchair fatally shoots former renter who kicked down door and attacked him

Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images

An elderly homeowner who uses a wheelchair told Houston police that a former tenant he'd booted from his residence for failure to pay rent returned Tuesday night, kicked down his front door, and attacked him, KPRC-TV reported.

But the 72-year-old homeowner also has a gun — and fatally shot his former tenant during the attack, the station said.

What are the details?

Investigators told KPRC the homeowner had been renting out one of his rooms to the man in question, who allegedly stopped paying rent for quite some time.

With that, the homeowner told the man leave and not come back, the station reported.

Authorities told KPRC that while the tenant did indeed leave the premises, his departure was apparently short-lived, as he soon came back — and his reasons for returning did not appear related to paying back rent to his former landlord.

Officer R. Willkens with the Houston Police Department told the station that the man "kicked the door in" and "got inside," after which "some kind of altercation" erupted.

While the former tenant may have figured he'd have an easy time overpowering an elderly man, who needs a wheelchair to get around, it doesn't appear the guy factored in the possibility that his former landlord might have an equalizing tool on hand.

"The older man shot the younger one," Willkens added to KPRC. "The homeowner shot the guy who was kicking in the door, and homicide is ... trying to figure out what exactly occurred."

One just might conclude it makes common sense for an elderly individual with a disability to own a gun for protection — just in case of incidents like this.

Now what?

Detectives told the station they're questioning the homeowner about the shooting, and added that he's being cooperative. KPRC said no charges have been filed so far.

Homeowner shoots, kills tenant who kicked in his door in southeast Houston, police say youtu.be

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