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Good Samaritan nurse jumps into action to save wounded police officer following shooting attack: 'I was meant to be there'

Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

An extraordinarily brave traveling nurse leapt into immediate action Thursday night when she witnessed an attack on what turned out to be an off-duty detective.

What are the details?

Traveling nurse Lindsey Adams told WTMJ-TV that she arrived at a Milwaukee-area Shake Shack to pick up her food when she saw two people struggling inside the restaurant.

Suddenly, the nurse said, she heard a gunshot, which set off panic both inside and outside the store.

"I hear a gunshot, everybody is screaming, jumping over the counters in Shake Shack, I duck down behind the car," Adams recalled.

More gunshots rang out before she saw a suspect firing into the air as he ran outside and took off in a waiting car.

“As he’s running, just firing a whole bunch of shots in the air, out into the public, didn’t really care where they are going,” she said.

Adams said she knew she had to rush in to help the officer — who witnesses say tried to stop the suspect from mugging a woman inside the restaurant — and that it was God's plan that put her in that very moment to save his life.

“I knew I had to do something, he’s just laying there and I could tell he’s bleeding, he’s got wounds, he’s suffering,” she said.

Adams told WITI-TV that she was "completely frightened [and] completely terrified," but she knew she had no choice but to help the officer.

Adams, along with the restaurant's manager, applied pressure to the officer's wounds while employees called 911 to report an officer down.

The nurse said that the though the officer was grievously injured, he was only concerned about getting the dangerous suspect off of the streets.

“He knew I had to hold pressure on the wounds, he wanted me to pull my phone out so I could put all this in my notes," she recalled. “It’s a sign for me that God’s telling me that [there] was a purpose for me, that it was something I was meant to do, that I was meant to be there.”

The detective, who remains unnamed at this time, was said to have sustained life-threatening injuries but was listed in stable condition upon admission.

WITI reported that authorities were able to take two males — ages 17 and 18-years-old — into custody in connection with the incident.

No charges have been announced at the time of this reporting.

Adams said that despite horrible things happening around the world, "people are good" and that she believes good will win out.

"Don’t give up on your city. Don’t give up on people. People are good. Regardless if bad situations happen, we still have so many more good to that bad," Adams insisted.

(H/T: Faithwire)

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