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Hillary Clinton says calling for Attorney General Barr to resign 'makes perfect sense'


Also claimed to be 'living rent free inside of Donald Trump's brain'

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that she thinks it "makes perfect sense" for Democrats to call for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr over his handling of the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation report.

What did she say?

Speaking to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on Wednesday following Barr's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Clinton said that Barr was hired only to defend Trump from Mueller:

I think he is doing the job he was hired to do. He auditioned for the job with his 19-page memo basically saying there's no such thing as obstruction of justice when it comes to a president. He was hired to make sure that was a reality. He has behaved in that way. I think that the Democrats in the committee did a good job today in exposing that.

She said that Barr was behaving like "the president's defense lawyer" and not like an attorney general.

Hillary was referring to a June 8, 2018, memo that Barr wrote to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Assistant Attorney General Steven Engel, in which he argued that that forcing Trump to be questioned by Mueller "would have potentially disastrous implications, not just for the Presidency, but for the Executive branch as a whole and the Department in particular." Barr was not attorney general at the time.

"Calling for his resignation makes perfect sense," Clinton argued, "because he's not discharging the duties of the office, he's not going to resign, and at this point, I think that we know what we need to know about him. Bob Mueller has made that abundantly clear, that he has not presented accurately the context, the nature, and the substance of the investigation."

She also said that Barr was a "big shiny object" that distracted people from the details of Mueller's report.

What else?

During the MSNBC show, Clinton claimed that she was "living rent free inside Donald Trump's brain," adding "it's not a very nice place to be, I can tell you that."

She claimed that any mention of her by Trump or his supporters was a misdirect.

"When in doubt, go after me. ...They know better," she said. "But this is part of their whole technique to divert attention from what the real story is. The real story is the Russians interfered in our election. And Trump committed obstruction of justice. That's the real story."

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