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Joe Rogan goes off on rant about how anti-American propaganda and 'Defund the Police' can destroy society

Image Source: Joe Rogan podcast YouTube screenshot

Podcast titan Joe Rogan went on a rant about how a campaign of anti-American propaganda and policies like "Defund the Police" could lead to chaos that brings down society.

Rogan was speaking to comedian Brian Simpson on his podcast about the assassination of the Haitian president when he mused about what it would take to bring down America.

"So the way to control populations is through propaganda and re-education of their youth. Turning people on each other," said Rogan.

"Like if you really wanted to f*** up a future community, you would distribute propaganda to their children. Teach their children to feel bad about themselves and that this country and this society is a mistake and a disaster, and the worst thing to ever happen, we need to burn it down!" he continued.

"If you taught that to kids, over and over and over again, those kids grow up. You have a real shot at f***ing things up because you can ruin all of the structures that have kept societies together. And then, if you accompany that, if you accompany that with things like 'defund the police,' whoa! And we're not gonna prosecute anybody for anything less than $950, whoa!" Rogan said.

"OK, now you got open looting, yeah!" he concluded. "You got open looting, chaos, your cops scared to arrest people, you got elevating crime rates!"

Simpson meanwhile argued that the United States wasn't much different than China in terms of the government brainwashing its citizens. Rogan also argued that it was unlikely for elite politicians to successfully order the military to turn on Americans.

"At the end of the day, the people that protect us, it's the military. The government are the people that direct the military," he explained.

"You're never really gonna take over this country in a military way," Rogan explained, "because the military are the people that would not want you to do that. They wouldn't trust these weaselly politicians that would try to do that."

Rogan's extraordinarily popular podcast has been excoriated by many on the left for his speaking out against child gender reassignment procedures and other liberal policies.

Here's the video of Rogan's rant:

The Assassination of the President of Haiti and Government Spyingwww.youtube.com

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