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Judge refuses to drop charges against Mike Flynn immediately — he wants to see challenges from outside groups


Critics are the decision politically motivated

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The effort to exonerate Mike Flynn from charges related to the Russian investigation hit a snag when a judge said he wanted to hear objections from outside groups.

The order was issued after lawyers for Flynn filed a request to strike an amicus brief from a group referring to itself as "Watergate Prosecutors."

U.S. District Judge Judge Emmet Sullivan of Washington D.C., refused the request and said he would allow other groups to file their objections.

Flynn pled guilty to charges of lying to the FBI during an interview in the Russian investigation, but he later filed to withdraw the guilty plea.

In April the notes of the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn were released and many argued that they proved there was a politically motivated bias against Flynn.

On Thursday the Department of Justice said it would be dropping the charges against Flynn. Critics of the move accused the DOJ of acting politically in order to reward friends of the president, but defenders of Flynn said he had been targeted unfairly for prosecution.

Here's more about the charges against Mike Flynn:

Justice Department Drops Case Against Former Trump Aide Michael Flynnwww.youtube.com

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