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Kyle Rittenhouse tells detractors at Kent State to 'cope harder' while the attacker he showed mercy to seethes outside
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Kyle Rittenhouse tells detractors at Kent State to 'cope harder' while the attacker he showed mercy to seethes outside

Kyle Rittenhouse visited Kent State University in Ohio Tuesday to speak about the importance of the Second Amendment as part of a Turning Point USA lecture series.

As with his other recent appearances, Rittenhouse was once again met with apoplectic teens apparently convinced — perhaps because of the liberal media's various false reports — that he was a "murderer" and possibly even a racist, despite having been acquitted of all charges and shooting only white men.

Among the radical leftists who gathered outside the Kent Student Center to protest the event was an individual who personally helped Rittenhouse understand just how critical firearms are to self-defense in America.

Gaige Grosskreutz, who now goes by the name Paul Prediger, addressed the angry mob and made expressly clear that he has a chip on his shoulder extra to the scar on his forearm.

The one who got away

Grosskreutz was one of the men who swarmed Rittenhouse during a BLM riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Aug. 25, 2020. Whereas the domestic abuser with multiple convictions and the violent child molester who attacked the then-17-year-old Rittenhouse died for doing so, Grosskreutz was simply disarmed with a well-placed and merciful shot.

During Rittenhouse's murder trial, defense lawyer Corey Chirafisi asked Grosskreutz, "When you were standing three to five feet from [Rittenhouse] with your arms up in the air, he never fired, right?"

"Correct," answered Grosskreutz.

"It wasn't until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him with your gun, now your hands down and pointed at him, that he fired, right?" said Chirafisi.

"Correct," said Grosskreutz.

While ever keen to paint himself as an innocent victim, Grosskreutz was charged with a firearm offense prior to going after the minor with a gun in 2020.

According to the New York Post, Grosskreutz's lengthy criminal record also includes burglary, drunk driving, and a domestic incident. In 2010, he was apparently arrested and charged with smashing his grandmother in the face.

Grosskreutz tries again to stop Rittenhouse

The Ohio Student Association noted in a statement ahead of the protest that "Gaige Grosskreutz, surviving victim of the deadly massacre, alongside Kent students, will be hosting a press conference, followed by a teach-in, on campus to condemn Rittenhouse's status as a guest speaker and highlight the harm that his hateful and violent white supremacy inflicts on our campuses and communities."

Despite there being no indication Rittenhouse holds any racial prejudices, the OSA further claimed Rittenhouse's presence "embodies a deeply disturbing ideology of white supremacism."

On Tuesday, the OHA's guest of honor, Grosskreutz, indicated he was ending his silence.

"While I've simply tried to live my life and not relive those moments, Kyle Rittenhouse has taken a different path," said Grosskreutz.

In February 2023, Grosskreutz added Rittenhouse to the civil lawsuit he originally filed against the city and county of Kenosha along with local law enforcement officials. Rittenhouse has responded with a countersuit.

"He has used every moment to gloat and to make light of taking life," continued the leftist. "As if that were not enough, Kyle has embraced and been embraced by those who peddle hateful rhetoric, who believe in nationalism that excludes those who do not look like or think like them, and who have sought to amplify a troubling desire for violence against supposed political, cultural, and religious enemies."

Grosskreutz declared, "Enough of Kyle and his rhetoric, enough of the celebration of loss of human life, enough of the flawed logic because a 17-year-old who shot me and killed two others with an illegally obtained firearm, an illegally carried firearm is now somehow qualified to be a champion of gun rights."

Grosskreutz failed in this latest attempt to stop Rittenhouse, who then took questions for nearly 40 minutes.

"Thank God I'm still alive and here to share my story," Rittenhouse told the crowd. "Because they really wanted to kill me. And it makes a lot of these leftists upset that I'm coming to these universities to share my story. And all I can say to them is: 'Cope harder.'"

WYSO-FM reported that during his speech, Rittenhouse called for the Ohio legislature to implement "campus carry" laws to ensure that law-abiding students have the means to defend themselves against various threats.

"What happens if these Hamas Palestinian terrorists come to the U.S. and try to attack us?" said Rittenhouse. "Are we supposed to be left defenseless?"

Rittenhouse's support for the Constitution and the ability for Americans to defend themselves did not resonate with the mob outside, which chanted, "Murderer!"

Pat Millhoff, a Kent State alumnus who attended the university around the time the National Guard shot student supporters of the genocidal Red Khmers, told WYSO, "So, it's just appalling to me that they would bring this particular speaker to campus so close to May 4th."

"I just think it's glorifying him. So I agree with free speech, but I'm just not sure this was the appropriate time and place to have this young man here," added Millhoff.

Despite the apparent desire on campus to shut down the event, a spokeswoman for the university stated, "We cannot ban speech because it would go against a core value and because of well-established laws governing free speech on public university campuses."

When leaving the campus, Rittenhouse thanked the protesters, telling them, "You've been a wonderful crowd. Wonderful crowd! Thank you!"

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