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Liberals are furious at Nancy Pelosi after her response to Mueller's statement — here's why
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Liberals are furious at Nancy Pelosi after her response to Mueller's statement — here's why

They want action and Pelosi is not moving on it

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offered a statement excoriating President Donald Trump after the public statement by special counsel Robert Mueller, and she was lambasted on social media over it — by liberals.

Pelosi released a statement after the briefing, but did not even mention the word "impeachment" in the text.

"[Mueller] stated that the decision not to indict stemmed directly from the Department of Justice's policy that a sitting President cannot be indicted," said Pelosi in the statement. "Despite Department of Justice policy to the contrary, no one is above the law – not even the President."

Although many Democrats have already called for impeachment proceedings to begin against Trump, Pelosi has cautioned them against moving too quickly.

In a public statement on Wednesday, she reiterated the point.

"We won't be swayed by a few people who think one way or another who are running for president as much as I respect all of them and they have the freedom to be for impeachment," Pelosi said. "We have the responsibility to get a result for the American people and that's where we're going."

Democrats and other opponents of the president fumed at Pelosi for not rushing headlong into impeaching the president.

"Something is VERY wrong w/ Pelosi's answers today," responded former Florida Democratic candidate Pam Keith. "Does she have no idea who she serves, who her base is, what her legacy will be, what the job demands?"

"Something is really off here. No way should we be BEGGING her to do what virtually every lifelong Dem would do insinctually," she added.

Progressive commentator Cenk Uygur went so far as to claim that Pelosi was not a progressive because even Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan was advocating impeachment more than she was.

"She has now proved my point spectacularly," Uygur tweeted. "When [Rep.] Justin Amash is to the left of you, you might not be a progressive!"

"So this is #Pelosi's 'secret plan/long game'? To convince Trump suck-ups like #MitchMcConnell and #LindseyGraham to do the right thing for America?" complained former Clinton aide Peter Daou. "This would be amusing if the stakes weren't our entire democracy."

"Mueller gave you your orders and if you do nothing, your kegacy will be allowing the rape of democracy," responded comedian Christopher Titus. "Political calculation aside, Act."

"If no one is above the law, then how many laws and how many ethical and human rights violations would it take for you to stand up to this?" asked feminist writer Jodi Jacobson. "What does it take? Your inaction is unconscionable."

Here's more about Pelosi's dilemma:

Nancy Pelosi: I am gravely disappointed in the Justice Departmentwww.youtube.com

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