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Lincoln Project threatens to 'sue the s***' out of Rudy Giuliani who claims the anti-Trump group had ties to Capitol attack
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Lincoln Project threatens to 'sue the s***' out of Rudy Giuliani who claims the anti-Trump group had ties to Capitol attack

Giuliani cited 'anonymous sources' in making the claim

Anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project says it is going to "sue the s***" out of Rudy Giuliani, after the attorney for former President Donald Trump claimed the clan of former Republicans had ties to those who incited violence at the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters.

What are the details?

Giuliani floated the allegations on the show of former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, who was pardoned by the former president in the 24 hours before he left office.

"The defense is going to have to show that this thing was planned," Giuliani told Bannon's "War Room" audience, in an apparent reference to Trump's upcoming Senate impeachment trial over whether the former president is guilty of the House's charge that he incited an insurrection.

He continued, "And that a lot of the people involved in the planning, Antifa, and then even some right-wing groups who are enemies of his—and that they were doing it in order to hurt him —including some right-wing groups that operate for The Lincoln Project or have been working with The Lincoln Project at various times. You have a couple of wolves in sheep's clothing."

Bannon cut Giuliani off at that point, saying, "Hold it, hang on...what are you saying, 'working for The Lincoln Project'? Right-wing groups like who?"

"One of the people who organized this is well known for having worked with The Lincoln Project in the past," Giuliani said, "and also there are witnesses who say..."

Bannon cut Giuliani off again, but the attorney insisted, "You gotta let me finish, Steve."

Giuliani began again, "One of the people involved brought in right-wing groups that opposed Trump, and he brought them in specifically because he wanted to blow this thing up. He had the same motivation as the Antifa people had." The former mayor of New York City went on to assert that "the whole thing" was planned days before and questioned how Trump could be held responsible.

"But who's the guy working with The Lincoln Project?" Bannon asked.

Giuliani replied, "He's a—I don't know if I can reveal his name, because we have that from anonymous sources...he worked in the past for [Sen. Mitt] Romney (R-Utah)."

"You're killin me," Bannon interrupted for a third time, telling Giuliani, "This is why we're getting blown up all the time. You can't throw a charge out there like that and then say 'yeah I got a double secret probation guy who I can't mention but he worked for Romney [and] worked for The Lincoln Project.'"

Even Steve Bannon Isn't Buying Rudy Giuliani's Latest Unhinged Conspiracywww.youtube.com

Follow the interview, the words "Even Bannon" began trending on Twitter, as several on social media pointed out that the former Trump advisor was not convinced of Giuliani's claims.

The next day, as the clip continued to circulate online, The Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt tweeted out to his followers, "We are going to get to sue the s*** out of Rudy Guiliani. I'm so happy that I'm literally choked up."

He added later, "I have written a prayer 'Dear God, please let it be the case that our lawyers see what I see. May we soon be on our way to suing Rudy Guiliani. @ProjectLincoln. I'm pretty sure that since Rudy is Trump's lawyer we may get to sue Trump also. Praise be.'"

Reed Galen, another founder, tweeted out the Bannon-Giuliani interview, saying, "@projectlincoln spent the last year helping defeat Donald Trump and #Trumpism. That fight is ongoing. @RudyGiulianli's statement is categorically false and defamatory. Rudy should lawyer up."

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