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Man who recorded the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery is arrested and charged with murder


He was also charged with attempt to commit false imprisonment

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Authorities arrested the man who recorded the video of the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery and charged with felony murder on Thursday.

50-year-old William "Roddie" Bryan Jr. is a neighbor of the two men who were recorded on the video shooting and killing Ahmaud Arbery. The father and son claimed that they were trying to apprehend Arbery believing that he had been responsible for a series of burglaries in their neighborhood.

The family of Arbery says he was merely out jogging when the lethal altercation occurred.

In addition to felony murder, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation charged Bryan with criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.

Prior to his arrest, Bryan released a statement through his lawyer indicated that he had taken a polygraph test about his involvement and shared the results to the authorities in Georgia.

"Contrary to speculation, the polygraph examination confirms that on Feb. 23 2020, the day of the shooting, William 'Roddie' Bryan did not have any conversation with either Gregory or Travis McMichael prior to the shooting. Nor did William 'Roddie' Bryan have any conversation with anyone else that day prior to the shooting about criminal activity in the neighborhood," claimed attorney Kevin Gough.

The case has drawn national outrage and scrutiny as many have blamed racial animus for the shooting.

The GBI will hold a media briefing about the developments in the controversial case on Friday morning.

Here's a local news video about the arrest:

3rd murder arrest in Ahmaud Arbery killing

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