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A group of neighbors release statement condemning McCloskeys for using guns to defend their home from protest


They did not support the brandishing of weapons

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A group of neighbors to the now infamous couple who defended their home from Black Lives Matter protesters released a statement condemning their actions.

The letter had signatures from 24 households and was released on Wednesday.

"Westmoreland Place and its adjoining street Portland Place are a historic neighborhood within the City of St. Louis, Missouri," read the letter.

"From many walks of life, people choose to make this neighborhood home for many reasons, including the sincerity, empathy and neighborliness exhibited by the vast majority of those who live here," it continued.

"Some of us choose to speak up following the horrific event that transpired on Sunday evening near our homes. As the undersigned, we condemn the behavior of anyone who uses threats of violence, especially through the brandishing of firearms, to disrupt peaceful protest, whether it be in this neighborhood or anywhere in the United States," the letter read.

"As residents of Westmoreland Place," they concluded, "we seek positive action and constructive dialogue that builds and maintains a civil and good society."

The plight of the McCloskeys has fueled the partisan debate over the George Floyd-inspired protests that have turned to violent looting and arson in some cases.

The McCloskeys say they support the Black Lives Matter cause but that they were fearful for their lives after the threats they saw on social media against them and their property.

The St. Louis police are investigating whether members of the protest mob, who damaged a gate to gain entry to the property, can be charged with fourth-degree assault by intimidation or trespassing.

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