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Rioting has plagued Portland for six straight weeks — yet leftist mayor's 'biggest' worry is 'violence federal officers brought to our streets'


Amid the nightly mayhem, Ted Wheeler said of the feds, 'We do not need or want their help'

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Riots have plagued Portland, Oregon, for six straight weeks, Fox News reported.

Here's a little sample. Content warning: Language:

What began as protests over George Floyd's killing in late May has metastasized to nightly mayhem courtesy of Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants who attack police, set fires, destroy property, and roam the streets looking to intimidate anybody who gets in their way.

A group of rioters reportedly used mortars and high-intensity lasers targeting officers' eyes amid a recent attack on a federal courthouse and were found with weapons such as a riot shield, machete, knife, mace, and components for a pipe bomb.

One rioter a few days ago was arrested after allegedly attacking a federal officer with a hammer:

Along the way, businesses have reported $23 million in losses from looting and rioting, Fox News said.

Oh, and just last night militants reportedly tried their hand at another "autonomous zone" outside the federal courthouse:

It would seem actually that Portland's streets are closer to a war zone.

The mayor has a different view

But Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler said Tuesday he told acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf that his "biggest immediate concern is the violence federal officers brought to our streets in recent days, and the life-threatening tactics his agents use. We do not need or want their help."

"The best thing they can do is stay inside their building, or leave Portland altogether," Wheeler added. "Our goal is to end these violent demonstrations quickly and safely. And in the meantime, I asked him to clean up the graffiti on local federal facilities."

DHS officers arrived in Portland earlier this month after President Donald Trump's June 26 executive order to protect monuments, Willamette Week reported, adding that one protester underwent facial reconstructive surgery after a federal officer shot him with a projectile over the weekend.

How are folks reacting to Wheeler pointing the finger at federal officers?

As you might imagine, Wheeler has his supporters in a leftist haven such as Portland — but quite a few others were aghast at the mayor shifting blame to federal officers while his city burns:

  • "You've got to be kidding," one Twitter user opined. "You're blaming federal agencies to the horrific state of your city? What about Antifa? George Soros? I'm sure you're pretty familiar with them."
  • "The only reason federal officers are there [is because] it was absolute mayhem under your 'leadership,'" another person said.
  • "We need @RudyGiuliani to move to Portland and become the mayor," another commenter told Wheeler. "He will show you how a real mayor takes care of crime."
  • "Just going to let your city burn at the hands of anarchists? That's a bold strategy," another commenter quipped. "Let's see how it works out."
  • "Yeah that's amazing," another person noted sarcastically. "Your town was so peaceful and under control until the federal officers came in."
  • "Your lack of true leadership and ineffectiveness in accepting the assistance that your city needs just shows that it is time for you to step down and let someone who is truly concerned for the actual citizens of your city to step up," another commenter said.
  • "What about the life threatening tactics used by Antifa against police officers and the people they protect? Any concern?" one person asked Wheeler.
  • "It's only getting worse under your leadership," another commenter noted. "Please resign."
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