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'Religious service,' 'indoor gun range' listed on Virginia health dept. 'online complaint' form to report COVID-19 'violations'


A Republican state senator asked if Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam is 'trying to turn us into a society of informers and snitches'

Image source: Virginia Department of Health website

The Virginia Department of Health's website offers an online form to report "violations" of Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam's coronavirus executive orders — and specifically lists "religious service" and "indoor gun range" in a dropdown menu among six other options for establishments accused of violations.

Image source: Virginia Department of Health website

What are the details?

The form says, "If you have observed violations of Executive 63 or Executive Order 65 and wish to file a complaint, fill out this report form as completely as possible. Executive Order 63 involves the requirement to wear a face covering while inside buildings. Frequently Asked Questions about Executive Order 63 are available here. Executive Order 65 involves Phase Two easing of certain temporary restrictions due to COVID-19; complaints related only to Executive Order 65 that involve cloth face coverings or capacity requirements may be filed with this form."

The instructions add that the Virginia Department of Health "will review your complaint and forward it to your Local Health Department."

A dropdown menu listing "type of establishment," two of the eight specific options users can choose from are "religious service" and "indoor gun range" — although it doesn't appear as though completing the "type of establishment" option is required.

'Trying to turn us into a society of informers and snitches'

Republican state Sen. Mark Obenshain wondered if Northam is "trying to turn us into a society of informers and snitches" and was particularly displeased with the options to specifically call out gun ranges and religious services.

"So let me get this straight," he continued. "Gov. Northam is asking private citizens to tattle on their fellow citizens regarding his mask order and encouraging complaints to be submitted specifically as to churches and gun ranges. And these complaints can be made anonymously. There is nothing to prevent businesses from snitching on competitors, or to prevent the outright fabrication of reports. This is sure to work to the detriment of small businesses who are struggling under the weight of the coronavirus shutdown AND stifling laws Democrats passed that go into effect July 1."

Obenshain added that "it appears that the full force and weight of the state government is poised and ready to drop on restaurants, churches, and wineries for perceived violations of the Governor's orders while the Governor equivocates and prevaricates when it comes to its enforcement in connection with protests, demonstrations and riots — as long as participants are his allies."

While far-left Northam is notoriously anti-gun, on Tuesday he did say he doesn't condone protests when they become violent. Northam also was caught in Virginia Beach in late May without a face mask after having declared he'd issue a rule mandating masks outdoors.

(H/T: Washington Free Beacon)

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