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Report: 'Marxist pig' Carlos Maza linked to luxury yacht, $11M mansion, and 'chic' NYC apartment


Friends told the NY Post his family helps cover his rent

Image source: Maza's Twitter account

Carlos Maza, a millennial political commentator who goes by the Twitter handle @gaywonk, spends much of his time on social media attacking wealth and smearing rich people, but an investigation by the New York Post found that the self-described "Marxist pig" lives a life of immense luxury.

Readers of TheBlaze may remember Maza for his 2019 spat with Steven Crowder when he orchestrated an online campaign to have the conservative comedian banned from YouTube. At one point, the former Vox journalist even encouraged his followers to physically confront, humiliate, and attack political detractors.

A First-Class Commie

According to the Post, Maza — who in February shared a photo of himself with his hand over his heart and "Sorry grandma, we're communists now" written around him — "is connected to multiple Florida mega-mansions, a $7.1 million pad on the Upper West Side purchased under an LLC — and a yacht by luxury maker boat-maker Donzi."

In fact, when Maza registered to vote, he listed his family's five-bedroom, eight-bathroom waterfront mansion in Boca Raton, Florida, worth $11.7 million as his home address.

Maza's friends told the Post that his family helps pay for his "chic East Village pad" where rents can go upward from $3,000 per month. In a tweet, Maza explained that his extravagant lifestyle is thanks to his mother and his fiancé who "are very wealthy thanks to a software company they started together" in the 1990s.

"I am aware that I am advocating for a system that would shift power away from members of my family," he added while acknowledging he enjoys "tremendous privilege."

'Eat them when they're getting too rich'

Of course, none of this would be an issue if Maza did not spend so much of his time singing the praises of Marxism and attacking others for the "crime" of being rich. The Post shared a collection of his his most recent smears:

"Just found out James Carville — who spends his time lecturing Democrats for being 'too far left' — lives in an absolutely obscene four-story mansion," Maza said in one such example from February — blasting the longtime Democratic strategist and posting a photo of Carville's old home to his Twitter account.

"Dear god can we STOP taking political advice from the ultra-wealthy," he bemoaned. "You really have to respect this guy's grift. Constantly dressing in normal clothes on TV to feign relatability [sic] while living like this. Masterful con artist"

"We should treat gay people the SAME WAY we treat straight people: Eating them when they get too rich," he said in another post.

Twitter deletes tweets by journalist who exposed Maza

For exposing Maza's hypocrisy, Post reporter Jon Levine said social media giant Twitter took down several tweets related to the story and temporarily locked him out of his account.

"Twitter locked me out of my account last night over some of the Carlos Maza reporting," Levine wrote. "A rep for the company tells me that their action against me was 'an error.'"

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