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Sen. Kennedy reads horrors of the abortion procedure into Senate record, but uncomfortable Democrat cuts him off
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Sen. Kennedy reads horrors of the abortion procedure into Senate record, but uncomfortable Democrat cuts him off

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D) cut off Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) on Wednesday as he highlighted the horrors of an abortion procedure.

During a Senate Budget Committee hearing on the "economic harms of restricting reproductive freedom," Kennedy clashed with Middlebury College economic professor Caitlin Myers.

In their exchange, Myers agreed with the phrase, "reproductive justice is economic justice," far-left terminology to promote the supposed economic liberation of abortion access. Myers then refused to describe an unborn human as a "baby," but eventually admitted that abortions terminate the lives of unborn human children.

After the tussle, Kennedy displayed a photo of an unborn child at 21 weeks gestation, observing that it can "feel pain" because it is "pretty developed."

Then, in horrific detail, Kennedy began to describe the abortion process — known as a dilation and evacuation procedure — with an assist from Leslie Ford, a witness who Republicans called to the hearing.

"First, the doctor would dilate the cervix, and then the doctor would take what's called a sopher clamp — it's really a pair of pliers with sharp teeth on the end — and, without giving the baby any pain medication, the doctor would go through the vagina, through the uterus, and start tearing the baby apart, is that right?" Kennedy said.

"And [the doctor] might start with the legs and pull them out, and the arms and pull them out, right?" he continued. "And then she might go for the heart or the spine and just pull the baby out piece by piece. Is that right? Without giving the baby pain medication?"

"That's what I understand the procedure to be," Ford affirmed.

"OK, but then you've got to get the head out. The baby's dead. Maybe not. Maybe it's still in pain, but then you've got to get the head out, and — even with the cervix dilated — you've got to get the head out, which is hard," Kennedy described. "So, then the doctor would go in and use those pliers to crush the baby's head. Is that right? And then she'd pull the head out— the crushed skull out, right?"

"As far as I know," Ford confirmed.

It was at that point that Whitehouse interrupted Kennedy and insisted that his speaking time had expired. Kennedy fired back that others had gone over their time allotment. But Whitehouse wouldn't budge and called on the next senator.

"I'm sorry you don't want to hear about what happens in an actual abortion, but I thought that was what we were here to talk about," Kennedy protested.

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