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Teen girl hears noise by bedroom window. Dad goes outside, catches man 'an inch from my daughter's window' — then takes him down.


'It was like a fight, you know — a fight for my life there for a minute'

Image source: video screenshot

Brad Morgan's teenage daughter said she heard a noise outside her bedroom window Wednesday night, so the father of four went outside to investigate, KSNW-TV reported.

What he found in the backyard of his Wichita, Kansas, residence was a man "about an inch away from my daughter's window," Morgan told the station.

Image source: video screenshot

"I caught him and he was just standing there," he added to, noting that he "didn't want him to get away."

Dad takes action

With that, Morgan did what just about any dad would do such a situation: He wrestled the man to the ground, the station said.

“It was like a fight, you know — a fight for my life there for a minute," Morgan recounted to KSNW.

Then for the next 15 minutes Morgan held the man identified by police as Mark Lawson, 62, until police arrived, the station reported.

Image source: video screenshot

Cops arrested Lawson on charges of aggravated assault, battery, criminal trespass, breach of privacy, electronic solicitation and sexual exploitation of a child, KSNW reported.

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