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Video evidence appears to show first Kenosha shooting victim charging shooter, using N-word while taunting militia members

Image source: @Julio_Rosas11 Twitter video screenshot

As new details continue to emerge concerning a deadly confrontation between rioters and a militia group in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a new video appears to show that the first victim charged at the shooter, who appeared to be attempting to retreat behind a car, and threw an object at him.

It also appears that the first shooting victim of the bloody night may have been the same person who was caught on video before his shooting, taunting a member of an armed militia with the N-word and daring him to "Shoot me."

Earlier in the evening, shortly before the shooting, Townhall writer Julio Rosas caught video, which he posted to Twitter, of some protesters involved in an increasingly agitated discussion with members of a "militia" that was apparently present in an attempt to protect Kenosha businesses from damage caused by rioting and/or looting.

In the clip, one bald white, bearded individual who was seen wearing a maroon shirt, white sneakers, and carrying a white plastic bag begins to taunt one of the militia members (some of whom were black), saying, "shoot me, n*****!"

Content warning: Rough language

That individual can be seen wearing a maroon shirt, capri-length jeans, white sneakers with white socks, and a tan belt.

Image source: Julio_Rosas11 twitter video screen shot

And earlier in the video, with a white plastic bag:

Image source: Julio_Rosas11 twitter video screen shot

Newly released video of the seconds before the shooting shows an individual charging toward another individual with a gun and throwing what appears to be a white plastic bag at him.

Notably, this was the first shooting of the night, which caused the crowd to chase after the shooter and attempt to subdue him, whereupon two more individuals were shot.

Although the video quality is admittedly poor, it appears to show the shooter point the gun up in the air and fire a warning shot, which does not deter his would-be pursuer at all. The pursuer and the gunman both disappear around the corner of a car, whereupon several more gunshots can be heard, presumably one of which hit the pursuer in the head.

Another video, which is extremely graphic and can be viewed at this link, shows the victim after the shooting, and his clothing:

Image source: livesmattershow Twitter video screen shot

The victim, as you can see, is wearing the same capri-length style of jeans, also with white sneakers and crew socks, as well as the same color belt. Close ups from the video show that the maroon object around his head appears to be a maroon shirt that has been repurposed as a head wrap.

Additionally, a Twitter user noticed that the shirt worn by the bald male in the Rosas video certainly appears to be the same shirt that was wrapped around the victim's head.

Additionally, the white plastic bag thrown by the victim seconds before he is shot appears to be similar if not identical to the white bag thrown by the victim at the shooter right before he is shot. Additionally, although the maroon shirt covers a substantial portion of the victim's face, he appears to have reddish-brown facial hair that matches the individual from the Rosas video.

Police have not yet released the names or identities of the victims. They have charged a 17-year-old Illinois resident with first-degree murder in connection with the shooting.

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