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Watch: California physician denounces 'tyrannical' lockdowns in impassioned speech


Dr. Jeffrey Barke held up the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in making his arguments

Image source: YouTube video screenshot

A California physician is being hailed as a patriot after delivering an impassioned speech citing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in a sweeping condemnation of the coronavirus lockdowns imposed across America.

What are the details?

Dr. Jeffrey Barke stepped up to the microphone during a protest rally in Riverside County, addressing the crowd that had gathered to demonstrate against the economic shutdowns in his community and beyond.

Barke, a family physician, began by asking, "What if wearing a mask in public is not effective?"

His speech, as dictated by the Daily Wire, continued:

My name is Dr. Jeff Barke, and I'm here representing thousands of physicians across the country whose voices are being silenced because we don't agree with the mainstream media and the experts who are telling us what to do.

Never in the history of this great republic have we told churchgoers that it's illegal for you to exercise your First Amendment right of freedom of religion. Yet, at the same time, it's essential to keep pot dispensaries open.

Never in the history of this country have we been told that you can't go to church because it's 'non-essential,' but you can go get an abortion because that's 'essential.'

Never before in our country have we let criminals out of jail but we've told you, you can't exercise your Second Amendment right and protect yourself by purchasing a firearm.

When liquor stores are deemed essential but your businesses are deemed non-essential, there's something wrong going on.

In a powerful moment, Dr. Barke pulled a document from his lab coat, held it up, and said, "This booklet, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, was never designed to restrain the people; it was designed to restrain the government. This is not New York, and—thank God—this is not San Francisco. Governor Newsom has gone too far. Governor Newsom has stepped on our liberties and our freedoms."

Dr. Jeffrey Barke Speaks Out On COVID-19 Madnesswww.youtube.com

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