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WATCH: Local police make emotional appearance at a grad party for a late officer's son


'I just want to thank them over and over and over'

Midland, Michigan, Police Department officers showed up at the graduation of Micah Schieber, the son of an officer who died in 2007. (Image source: ABC News video screenshot)

A large group of local police officers came to Micah Schieber's high school graduation party to honor the family and memory of an officer who passed away in 2007, according to ABC News.

More than a dozen officers showed up to the party, leaving Micah blown away by the show of support.

"Car after car after car, I was dumbfounded," Micah said. "I was left speechless because of their heart."

Micah's father, Chad, was a police officer in Midland, Michigan. He died of a previously undiagnosed heart condition while running the 2007 Chicago Marathon.

Micah wanted to make his late father, who he lost at age 6, a part of his graduation celebration. So, he asked his mother to invite Midland Police officers, some of them his father's former coworkers, to the party at his home.

"I just thought it'd be cool to have a piece of my family and my dad at my graduation, because that's something that I'll always miss," Micah said.

"I wish I could remember him more and the person he was."

One of those who worked with Chad Schieber was Chief Cliff Block, who said he accepted the invitation with "no hesitation."

"I knew we'd do something to make it happen," Block said. "You know, I had the honor of working with Chad Schieber."

Block has fond memories of Chad.

"He was a fantastic man, a fantastic officer, father, husband," Block said.

Block said the officer showed up "to show that he's not forgotten and still part of our department and his memory still exists here."

The officers presented Micah with a custom trading card featuring his father, as well as a gift of $111. The number 111 is significant to the Schieber family, because that was Chad's badge number.

"Opening up the gift and seeing [the card] first just kind of hit me—hit me hard," Micah said.

"It's about their hearts for their community and their neighbors," Micah said. "And I just want to thank them over and over and over."

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