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Gov DeSantis visits Brandon Honda in Brandon, Florida to sign legislation that prohibits mandatory COVID-19 vaccination: 'We are respecting people's individual freedom in this state'

Screenshot: Fox 13 Tampa Bay YouTube channel

Sunshine State Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed legislation that ensures Floridians have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding COVID-19 vaccination without facing the threat of losing their job.

"We are respecting people's individual freedom in this state," DeSantis said while delivering remarks at the Brandon Honda dealership in Brandon, Florida.

The conservative governor signed legislation that prohibits private employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccination. Workers who do not want to get the shots can be exempt due to recovery from prior COVID-19 illness, religious or health concerns, testing, use of personal protective equipment, pregnancy, or expected pregnancy, according to a press release, which notes that employers who breach the employee health protections will get slapped with a fine.

"Government entities may not require COVID-19 vaccinations of anyone, including employees," the press release notes. "Educational institutions may not require students to be COVID-19 vaccinated," it also states. "School districts may not have school face mask policies."

The location of the event appeared to be a reference to the expression "Let's go Brandon," which has become a euphemism for the profane pejorative "F*** Joe Biden."

When asked whether he went to Brandon due to the trolling of the presidential administration, DeSantis answered, "So I think that Brandon, Florida's a great American city. I think the people here are fantastic."

Live: Gov. DeSantis signs bills preventing vaccine mandates from Brandon, Florida youtu.be

Earlier this month DeSantis jokingly referred to the Biden administration as the "Brandon administration."

The "Let's go Brandon" meme originated in October when a reporter was interviewing Brandon Brown, who had won a NASCAR race.

During the interview people in the crowd were chanting "F*** Joe Biden."

The reporter tried to cover, "you can hear the chants from the, the crowd. Let's go Brandon."

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