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Glenn: Hey celebrities, here's why anti-Trump rants are a mistake

Glenn Beck
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Glenn Beck had a warning for comedians like Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Glenn talked about Bee, whom he calls a friend, and her recent interview with Mother Jones where Bee talked about Glenn’s appearance on her show and emphasized the importance of civil dialogue when people disagree.

On Tuesday’s show, Glenn warned Bee about the dangers of alienating people with rants about President Donald Trump.

“Samantha, you are making exactly the same mistake that I made,” Glenn said. “You are getting so wrapped up in your hatred and your vitriol for this president that you are forgetting that a third of this country, if not 50 percent of this country, still like the man, still agree with him.”

Every time she or Stephen Colbert yells Trump, it widens the gap between Americans who may believe different things, Glenn explained.

“Our country is better than this,” he said.

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