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Here's how Pelosi answered when asked how Democrats would compromise on health care

Chris Salcedo
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) joined Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” this weekend and was unable to answer a question he asked her twice: what would Democrats be willing to give up to keep cost sharing reductions, or CSR, in the Affordable Care Act?

CSR refers to the tax payer-funded subsidy of insurance premium, coinsurance, and deductible payments for those who are forced to obtain a health care plan under the ACA, yet cannot afford it on their own. President Donald Trump has stated he wants to end CSR, which he sees as a bailout of insurance companies.

Pelosi did not answer, stating instead:

“The Affordable Care Act is a market-oriented proposal, doing the cost-sharing, the reductions, a way to have it be in the free market, in the marketplace as opposed to having everyone say -- have many more people on Medicaid or something. So, you -- there’s governors of states had [sic] said, 'give me the money. I’ll buy insurance for these people.'”

Wallace tried again to have Pelosi name a point of compromise. This time, she responded:

“You will remember that the Affordable Care Act as we passed and as we call it, the Affordable Care Act, is something that was very modeled after Romneycare, and that said no free riders. Everybody has to have insurance, so that if your neighbor's not buying insurance and you are, you are paying more because he or she is not. So, this is about enlarging the pool, making it healthier, younger, and having more benefits….”

Chris Salcedo noted on Monday’s “Chris Salcedo Show,” as did Wallace on "Fox News Sunday," that it sounded as if Democrats were not willing to compromise with the Republicans. He cited wait times for doctors in Boston in response to Pelosi’s touting of Romneycare, asking, “This is what [she] cites as justification for imposing socialism on the country?”

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