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ISIS wives want to go home after living under Islamic rule — isn't what they thought it would be

Pat and Stu

Revolting, a sketch comedy show by BBC Two, depicts life as a terrorist bride in a satirical sketch titled "The Real Housewives of ISIS." The episode hilariously parodies the Bravo franchise and pokes fun at the experiences and the hope of a better life in Syria that Islamic State fighters promise their new brides in chat rooms.

Young European women from Germany, France, Belgium, and Russia fall in love with jihadists over the internet only to realize life under the Islamic State isn’t so rosy after all.

Many young girls who end up marrying Islamic State fighters are desperate to go back to Europe for a fresh start. Understandably, many governments are having a hard time allowing the girls back into their countries and many face prison time immediately after they're granted re-entry.

Activists, who want to bring the girls back, argue that ex-ISIS wives and their children are more of a threat in Syria than they are in their homelands. They say that leaving them up to ISIS only creates brainwashed and radicalized children who are then turned into human bombs.

On today’s episode of “Pat & Stu,” the guys discussed why countries should not allow the women to return.

“They made a choice,” said host Pat Gray. “Do you just let them go home now like they did nothing wrong? I mean, how dumb can you be?”

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