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Reagan predicted Obamacare decades ago

Chris Salcedo
AFP / Getty Images

Today on "The Chris Salcedo Show," Chris Salcedo shared former President Ronald Reagan's thoughts on socialized medicine during his time as California's governor. His assessment from as early as the 1970s was prescient in light of how Obamacare rolled out.

Reagan said, "The defense line, once breached, is hard to restore," referring to insurance industry efforts at the time to lobby for a hefty government subsidy for the purchase of private health insurance. Chris pointed out that in Obamacare, they have succeeded.

In the 1970s, objections to such efforts centered around the quality of America's privately practiced medicine. Reagan touted the free market as the impetus for this quality. He told the story of an English woman who waited eight years to receive her "free" dermatology care; by that time, her face was covered in scars.

The former president also asked Americans to consider what would happen to doctors and the distribution of health care if the doctors became government employees.

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