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Sex in space: Is this our No. 1 worry about living on Mars?

Hikers reach the peak of a sand dune and hold hands under the night sky. (Michael Ver Sprill/gettyimages)

Not so fast, Elon Musk – we aren’t ready to send people to Mars until we figure out how human reproduction will work in space, according to one expert.

Kris Lehnhardt, an assistant professor at George Washington University, said sex in space should be a top concern while planning space travel during a recent Atlantic Live panel, the Sun reported. We don’t know much about sex in space, but if people are serious about populating other planets, they need to know how to have babies, Lehnhardt asserted.

Jeffy Fisher probed this important topic on this week’s “The Jeff Fisher Show.” Other concerns during space travel include surviving the sun’s rays, staying healthy and keeping fit – but is sex in space really the No. 1 thing to worry about?

One of the show’s producers pointed out that sex isn’t exactly first on the list when you’re planning a trip into space. “’I think getting NASA running again, [and] sending astronauts to space in American spaceships, would be a good first step,’” Jeffy shared his top concern.

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